Spain strengthens socialism across the Atlantic

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[…]  Pedro Sánchez’s Socialist Party (PSOE), which rules Spain with the support of far-left members of Podemos and pro-secessionists from Catalonia, abstained from voting for a measure to condemn Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro in October. Then, late last month, Sánchez made an official visit to Cuba, alongside his wife Begoña Gómez, Trade Minister Reyes Maroto, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell.

At a press conference in Havana, Prime Minister Sánchez called for “more intense” relations between Spain and Cuba. There, he unveiled a sweetheart deal for Cuba: Sánchez postponed Cuba’s repayment of the €300 million debt it owes to 300 Spanish businesses. Meanwhile, the two nations created a €415 million fund for investment, allowing Spain to provide Cuba with railways, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and broadband … the payment for which will likely be postponed. […]