Polish „Cifuentism”

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As I’ve told many times, People’s Party (PP) hasn’t been the only European party that has turned to left-wing even in moral issues, but it’s been a general trend in its European group, except Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s party.

There are several examples: Sarkozy’s treason to pro-family movement La Manif Pour Tous, Rajoy’s disinterest in repealing Abortion Law, the approval of same-sex marriage by Angela Merkel’s party, pro-abortion issues of Irish Prime Minister, permanent interest in accepting so-called „refugees” and so on.

Nevertheless, we are going to focus on two people with not few simmilarities: Cristina Cifuentes (president of the regional government of Madrid) and Pawel Adamowicz (mayor of Gdansk, the third most populated Polish city, also birthplace of Solidarity trade union). The first has been determining in PP’s progressive drift while the second is an important voice at Civic Platform (PO).

To begin with that, it’s should be noted that last week, it was held in that Baltic city the „Gdansk Week of Democracy” an event that according to a report of the Polish libertarian-conservative movement (KoLiber association) was funded with public money while only left-wing and progressive personalities were invited to participate there.

In a certain way, it can be matched to the fact that Telemadrid, the television of Madrid regional government, has been restructured so that the communist journalist Ignacio Escolar’s wife is a board member there and PODEMOS members like MP Íñigo Errejón and Madrid’s councillor Rita Maestre -who assaulted a chapel of Complutense University in 2011- have showed their satisfaction with all these changes.

Second, it should be pointed that this mayor seems to be very interested in attending Gay Pride manifestations (he opened this years march in his city). Meanwhile, Telemadrid was the official television of World Pride Madrid 2017 (celebrated on the end of June) and Cifuentes has demonstrated to be so commited with gay lobby that last year she passed a LGBT law to impose gender ideology that reverts the burden of the proofs and attempts to censor dissident opinions.

Third, it should be noted that despite of strong Polish sociological opposition towards communism, the mayor of Gdansk paid tribute to soviet troops that occupied the city after defeating Nazi troops, when it was not a „liberation”, but a sumission to communis oppresion. In fact, Soviet soldiers participated in murders, thefts and rapes.

But not only that. Current Polish government, ruled by conservative socialists of Law and Justice has achieved the passing of a law to change the names of those public places that made any reference to communists. One of them is a Gdansk street dedicated to Dabrowski Batallion, an unit of the International Brigades that participated in Spanish Civil War.

Now then, whereas since some time ago Polish libertarian-conservative movements proposes this street to make reference to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (a key figure in the fall of Iron Curtain, alongside Ronald Reagan and John Paul II), Adamowicz opposes to change that street name excusing himself in the fact that those soldiers were „antifascists”.

To be honest and fair at the time of giving opinion, neither he is a neo-communist nor similar cases can be attributed to the Spanish politician in question. However, in 2015, Cifuentes said she has a big respect towards communists (she also gets along with the communist Manuela Carmena, mayor of Madrid).

Finally, we must know this Polish politician is one of the most involver in his party cause asking Poland to accept so-called refugees (Muslim immigrants). Nor Cifuentes is contrary to that reception (she follows PP position).

Having said that, we can conclude affirming PO turning to center-left is similar to PP case (measures, members of the party, …), apart from the fact that none of them is economically libertarian (it’s different that they are less interventionist than others).

PD: I want to transmit all my gratitude to Kazimierz Najmajer for having helped me providing the neccesary information to write that article.