What Is Really Happening in Catalonia?


[…] By means of State power, apart from giving subsidies to media, associations and companies in support for independence, finning stores that do not mark in Catalan language and using public radio and television for “nationalist propaganda”, they are against the right of parents to decide in which language their children have to study. Common lies are considering Catalonia was ever an independent Nation-State and affirming there was an old Catalan-Aragon Crown instead of ever real Crown of Aragon.

In 1970’s, Catalonia was the richest region in Spain, but between 1980 and 2014, the GDP of Madrid has growth a 169%, that is, 61 points more (regional average was, according to FEDEA, about a 111 per cent). In 2016, it was the region that has lost more companies (1072) and the most indebted (35.40% of GDP). Investors feel too uncertain. In 2012, former right-wing CiU reached an agreement with left-wing nationalist party ERC, which was the consequence of a tax raising. […]