Socialism: Iran’s weapon against the West?


[…]  In March 2013, during a conference session organized by the Communist Youth Union of Aragon, Pablo Iglesias said that Iran’s government is interested in spreading left-wing ideology throughout Latin America and Spain, because it would undermine those societies. “The Germans were interested in putting Lenin on a train to destabilize Russia,” he said. “The Iranians are interested in the spread of leftist discourse in Latin America and Spain, because it affects their adversaries.”

Those ties became personal last November, when a petition from the People’s Party (PP) led a parliamentary commission of the Spanish Senate to investigate the finances of PODEMOS. The party’s founding member Juan Carlos Monedero and former collaborator Enrique Riobóo were called to testify. Monedero had to admit having nearly €700,000 in three bank accounts – including €425,000 from Venezuela in 2013. He finally admitted that he received €200,000 in an offer to buy a TV channel to distribute Venezuelan propaganda (Channel 33/Canal 33). […]