Second chance for Catalanist coupists

On this Thursday, December 21, it’s been celebrating regional elections in Catalonia. These were convoked by means of Spanish Constitution Section 155 application last October. As it was obvious, the main topic were secession versus Catalonia’s Spanishness.

Center-left and constitutionalist party Ciudadanos has been the most voted (12 seats more than 2 years ago). Nevertheless, secessionist candidatures (Junts per CatalunyaEsquerra RepublicanaCandidatura d’Unitat Popular), that participated in the secessionist coup d’État, have reached absolute majority (70 seats).

Having said that, national-catalanist and coupist blick has achieved a second chance. Few weeks ago, former regional president Puigdemont, who is in Belgium for escaping from Spanish justice, told not to dismiss “unilateral way” to declare the independence. Former president of the Parliament, Forcadell, after going out of prison, hinted at resuming coupist actions.

From the standpoint of those who defend the Spanishness of Catalonia, all that gives a very dark outlook. But it was not hard to foresee. On its day it was warned that restoring the rule of law in that region and cutting off nationalist strategies just convoking short-term elections could be a failure (it supposed giving a second opportunity to some enemies of Spanish Nation).

Neither Ciudadanos nor Socialist Party nor People’s Party laid on the table a strategy to dismantle national-catalanist framework (autonomical radio-television closure, liberalisation of education, …). Some insisted in elections and others either practised ambiguity and promoted the fallacy of “plurinationalism”, or exerted absolute inaction in Moncloa during years.

It hasn’t been wary enough of coupists’ disinterest in giving up nor social engineering constitution of catalanist secessionist movement. It’s about forcing people to speak Catalan and indoctrinating the masses manipulating history and making them believe that “Catalan Nation” has ever been real.

Now then, if we look at vote percentages, thinking about a plebiscite, it should be noted that pro-secession side has not reached the 50% of votes. Then, a pro-Constitution party has won in two provinces: Tarragona and Barcelona (the most populated province at regional level).

Anyway, I am afraid that Spanish social democrat consensus with parliamentary representation will continue with their plans of constitutional reform, in order to guarantee Catalonia a secession de facto. Meanwhile, coupists will continue with the “blackmail” -rule of Catalan nationalism during decades.

Before finishing, it should be pointed that this de facto coupists’ triumph has been a Spanish government’s fault. It has preferred to remain with cession -like previous governments- and “smoke screens” instead of applying the law. Therefore Spanish President ought to resign. Neither should anybody think about pardoning coupists.

Once said that, what has happened is that seditious coupists, that long for a socialist, nationalist and ethnicist republic have achieved a second chance because they’ve won in seats a too hurried election call.